Portland’s surge of murders and shootings are completely unprecedented in the city’s history

Portland is going downhill fast

Portland is poised to shatter all records for homicide and gun violence this year. There have already been at least 45 homicides and over 500 separate shootings in less than six months.

Portland began 2020 with relatively low murders. The global lockdown saw a worldwide decrease in homicides. However, then the city allowed Black Lives Matter and Antifa to riot with near-total impunity. Weekly riots have continued to this day. Yet, Portland media disingenuously blames “the pandemic” for skyrocketing murders.

Shootings, Homicides, Arson, and Vandalism are among the crimes that are way up. Vandalism is probably up far higher than the statistics even show. There is so much vandalism that a considerable portion is probably never reported to the police anymore. Drug/Narcotic offenses during the first five months of 2021 are a small fraction of what they usually are. Most likely, this is due to a giant drop in enforcement. Multnomah County District Attorney [MCDA] Mike Schmidt, a self-described “progressive prosecutor,” refuses to prosecute much of the drug offenses anyway.

Many of the murders this year have been connected to drug gangs, so we know that illegal drugs have not simply just disappeared from the city.

The Portland police now list the total number of homicides for 2020 at 57. This website has been previously listing this at 54. More recently, Portland media have been citing numbers between 55-56, but this includes at least one justified self-defense shooting. We are not sure how the police department is now arriving at a figure of 57. The previous record for homicides in Portland was 54 in 1993.

According to the Portland Police.

Individual Shootings (first five months):

2021: 453
2020: 200
2019: 189

Individual Shootings per entire year:

2020: 891
2019: 381

Total Homicides per entire year:

2020: 57 (57 would mean 2020 was an all-time record by 3)
2019: 35
2018: 26
2017: 25
2016: 16

Portland will almost certainly set a new record for homicides, by a large margin, in 2021.

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