Pro-Antifa journalist for UK Guardian says anti-pedophilia is a right-wing/far-right cause

Says anti-pedophilia is a right-wing viewpoint

Louis Becket, UK Guardian West Coast Bureau, Holds Twitter’s blue checkmark seal of approval.

Lois Beckett is a left-wing, pro-Antifa “Journifa” writing for the UK Guardian’s West Coast Bureau. She was present at Saturday’s Antifa riot at Wi Spa in Los Angeles. Based on her statements, she may have been behaving like a rioter herself.

This was the second violent Antifa riot outside of Wi Spa. However, the first time Antifa was allowed to riot with impunity. Saturday, Antifa members themselves were shocked when the LAPD intervened and shut down their violence. Numerous Antifa were also arrested. Becket is pushing the Antifa narrative that the rioters were innocent victims of the LAPD.

When Antifa violently rioted at Wi Spa the first time, this website pointed out that Antifa committed violent assaults against people peacefully protesting against pedophilia.

UK Guardian reporter Lois Beckett, who was present at the Antifa riot Saturday, openly described the event as a battle between Antifa and anti-pedophile activists. She even claimed being anti-pedophilia is a “right-wing” and “far-right” viewpoint. The people who have been protesting pedophilia at Wi Spa are largely comprised of Latino Christians, and there is no evidence of them being particularly right-wing or far-right.

Keep in mind this woman supports Antifa. The UK Guardian even published her wild tweets on their website.

Antifa has a history of explicit support for pedophilia, calling it a “sexual preference.” Antifa has even used various acronyms like LGBTQP, in which the P stands for pedophilia. In 2017, Antifa even allied with the pro-pedophilia North American Man Boy Love Association [NAMBLA] to disrupt a speech by Mike Cernovich at Columbia University. When this joint Antifa/Nambla banner first surfaced, leftists were screaming on Twitter that it was photoshopped. However, the banner was photographed numerous times by different people and from different angles.

Among Marxist radicals, support for pedophilia is growing as a continuation of Marxist critical theory.

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2 years ago

Antifa is full of sexual deviants. There have been a bunch that have gone to prison for both violent rapes and statutory rapes of underage girls.