Black Lives Matter Inc officially endorses “Palestinian Liberation”

Denounces the Israeli people as "colonists"

Within America’s left-wing, a civil war is brewing over Israel. “Woke” leftists are now casting Israel as “settlers,” “colonists,” “Apartheid,” Jim Crow,” “White Nationalist,” and so on.

Every form of cultural Marxist rhetoric, which Hollywood, academia, and the left have promoted for decades, is now being deployed against Israel.  Despite being an obvious fundraising grift, BLM Inc is one of the most influential left-wing organizations in the USA now.

US President Joe Biden appears terrified to even comment on the Israeli-Palestine conflict. During a test drive of Ford’s electric F-150, a reporter asked Biden if she could ask him a “quick question on Israel.” Biden responded, “not unless you stand in front of this truck while I floor it.” This may be the first time in US history that a sitting president threatened to murder a member of the press.

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