Facebook leak: EDL and Identitarian Movement classified as “Terrorists” in the same category as ISIS and al-Qaeda

Is someone you know on the list?

View the entire list as a PDF.

The list includes 39 pages of “terrorist groups.” Facebook classifies the English Defense League and the entire Identarian movement as “terrorists.”

“Terrorist Groups:”

English Defense League

Génération Identitaire, the original French Identarian movement
Les Identitaires
Generacija Identiteta [Serbia[
Generación Identitaria [Spain]
Generation Identity [UK]
Generation Identity [Greece]
Generazione Identitaria [Italy]
Identitäre Aktion [Germany]
Identitäre Bewegung [Austria]

Then there is 22 pages of “militias.” Mostly from the United States. This includes at least eight armed Antifa militias. Ironically, the tiny number of Antifa groups on this list are among the most substantial. I suspect that most of the scores of “militias” were simply the names of past Facebook pages and were never real groups with real members.

After that is a six page list of banned individuals. They are supposedly banned for “hate.” The list also includes a number of deceased historical figures such as Adolf Hitler.

Alongside Adolph Hitler are the following people:

Faith Goldy
Gavin McInnis
Jared Taylor
Joe Biggs
Nick Fuentes

This is followed by three pages of individuals banned for allegedly leading criminal gangs.

Then there are 27 pages of individual members of al-Qaeda, ISIS, the Taliban, and other mostly Islamic groups.

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