National Lawyers Guild posts $1 million bail for murderous BLM leader in California

Tia Turner is clearly a danger to society

The National Lawyers Guild [NLG] has a long history of serving as the legal wing of the American far-left. They are often seen posing as “independent observers” at violent demonstrations held by Marxist groups and Antifa.

Tatiana “Tia” Turner is a Black Lives Matter activist leader from Long Beach, California. She leads a group called “Caravan 4 Justice,” which became notorious for staging violent demonstrations and attacking people.

On September 26th. 2020, Turner led a violent demonstration in Yorba Linda, California. Police say she sprayed people with a chemical irritant, assaulted a man with a taser, and threatened others with a club. Then Turner drove her car into a crowd of people, seriously injuring two of them. She drove over the head of Danielle Lindgren, 44, nearly killing her. Lindgren was hospitalized for four months. Turner also drove over another man’s legs, breaking both of them.

Police say the attack was intentional. She was charged with premeditated attempted murder, six counts of aggravated assault, and multiple other felonies.

Turner was also charged with two counts of aggravated assault for beating people with a club at Seal Beach, California, in August of 2020.

Until now, Turner has been in jail on a $1 million bail. She had a preliminary court hearing on August 31st. Antifa and other militant groups urged people to show up outside the courthouse and protest. The NLG posted her bail the same day of the hearing.

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