Lauren Southern releases free documentary about the riots of 2020

What is the truth about race and policing

Lauren Southern, who made the documentaries Farmlands and Borderless, has released a third documentary called Crossfire.

The documentary attempts to answer the following questions:

What is the actual data around crime and policing?
Does poverty cause crime?
Are police really responsible for mass abuses of minorities?
Who are these radicals rioting in the streets and what do they want?

The new film is reminiscent of A Conversation About Race, a 2008 independent documentary by Craig Bodeker. Though Southern’s film obviously had a far higher budget and is much more polished.

This time, it was not released on Youtube. It is being hosted independently. Southern feared that Youtube, which has dramatically increased censorship, would ban her channel if she published it on their site. Last August, Lauren Southern made an announcement about the upcoming documentary, and Youtube partially censored this announcement with its so-called “age restriction.” A transparently disingenuous tactic Youtube has used for years to halt the distribution of videos that the management does not like.

You can watch it for free at Crossfire.Movie. DVDs are also for sale.

Here is a review from American Renaissance.

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