BLM/Far-Left riots killed dozens in 2020

Mainstream media ignores months of murderous left-wing violence

The so-called "no snitch" culture in the black community is another big impediment in solving murders.

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Oscar Lee Stewart Jr.

Two homicides and a self-defense shooting in Minneapolis, Minnesota

On May 28th, 2020, BLM and other far-left groups engaged in mass arson and violence in Minneapolis, MN. Among the destroyed buildings were occupied second-floor apartments, a brand new public housing complex, and a Native American Youth Center.

Two murders occurred during the rioting in Minneapolis. Neither was widely reported in the media. The female victim does not appear to have even been ever been identified by the media. There is a photograph of a female in distress near the rioting, but it was never confirmed if it was the same woman.

Oscar Lee Stewart Jr., the owner of Max Pawn was killed when his store was set on fire. A woman was also found murdered and her body stuffed in a car near the center of the rioting. These murders barely received any media attention.

Montez Terriel Lee, a black male, was charged with burning down the pawnshop.  Prosecutors say he is on video pouring an accelerant all over the shop. Millions of dollars, some from major Hollywood celebrities, poured in to provide lawyers for Lee and dozens of others arrested. It remains to be seen if he is ever prosecuted for murder.

Calvin Horton Jr. was killed in a self-defense shooting. He was involved in the looting of Cadillac Pawn & Jewelry.

Homicide in Atlanta, GA

Secoriea Turner was cruelly murdered when BLM protesters opened fire on passing cars.

In early July, a group of armed BLM activists blocked traffic in Atlanta. When some cars did not stop, multiple perpetrators opened fire on passing traffic. Eight-year-old Secoriea Turner was slaughtered. Atlanta police say as many as four different young black males opened fire. One person has been arrested, but the gunman who killed Turner remains at large. The investigation has been hampered because witnesses are refusing to cooperate.

Two homicides in Cicero, IL

Victims of June 1st, BLM murders in Cicero.

After much rioting, local police make a large effort to reclaim downtown Chicago. What happened, was a mass of so-called “activists” moved from downtown to Cicero. A mostly black crowd appeared in a mostly Latino area of Cicero, looted small businesses, threw bottles at predominantly Latino motorists, and murdered two Latino men. The attack was a huge blow to race relations in the Chicago area, as the violence was widely viewed as racially motivated by the Latino community.

Victor Cazares Jr, 27, and Jose Angel Gutierrez, 28, were both murdered. Cazares was working inside a shop that was looted. Gutierrez was walking down the street when he was murdered. Zion Haygood, a black male, was charged with first-degree murder for killing Gutierrez.

Two homicides and a self-defense killing in Indianapolis, IN

Jessica Doty Whitaker was shot and killed by a BLM protester.

On July 5th, Jessica Doty Whitaker, a young white mother, was murdered after walking past a group of Black Lives Matter supporters. The group ordered Whitaker and her friends to proclaim “Black Lives Matter.” Instead, someone in her group said “All Lives Matter.” The BLM supporters pulled out guns and threatened them. Whitaker’s fiance, Jose Ramirez, withdrew a concealed handgun and the perps appeared to back off.

However, at least one person stalked Whitaker and Ramirez as they continued walking down the road. He stood on a bridge and shot Whitaker in the head as the couple was walking past below him. As far as we know, the killer is still at large. Local media ceased reporting on the investigation after July.

Indianapolis also saw three days of violent rioting by BLM protesters in late May. Two people were killed.

BLM murder victim Christopher Beaty

Christopher Beaty, a 38-year-old former Indianapolis football player, was shot multiple times and killed. It is believed that Beaty was trying to prevent BLM rioters from looting stores.

Also during the BLM riot in Indianapolis, police say Dorian Murrell, an 18-year-old black male, was part of a group that mugged a female victim in a parking garage. Police say his accomplices were brothers Anderson and Alijah Jones. Hours after the mugging, a white male pedestrian was attacked from behind by a group of black males. The victim, Tyler Newby, had a concealed carry permit. Believing he was about to be murdered, he rolled over and fire one shot. Murrell was standing over top of the victim and was killed.

Anderson Jones, an alleged accomplice of Dorian Murrell, has been charged with killing Christopher Beaty. The murder of Beaty occurred shortly after Dorian Murrel, Anderson Jones, and Alijah Jones allegedly mugged a woman and a few hours before the unprovoked mob attack on Tyler Newby.

Dozens of other killings took place in other cities.

We are going to try to compile a complete list of all the people who died as a result of left-wing violence in 2020. Post a comment with the names of any that you know of.

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