Black Chicagoans continue to protest migrant housing in their neighborhoods

Thousands are now sleeping at police stations and the airport!

Black Americans tend to oppose illegal immigration at even higher levels than Whites. However, Black elected officials generally support open borders and mass immigration. Things have come to a head in Chicago, where the city wants to house thousands of illegal aliens in various neighborhoods.

Last January, residents in Chicago’s mostly Black Woodlawn community began protesting against turning an unused school into a migrant shelter.

Then, in May, there were protests in Chicago’s mostly Black South Shore community over a proposed migrant shelter.

Now, there is a protesting against proposals for the West Loop and Hyde Park communities. In West Loop, city leaders have proposed turning an office building into a migrant shelter. The shelter would be on the border of a majority Black area and majority White area.

In Hyde Park, there is a proposal to use a hotel as a migrant shelter. This community is racially diverse, but many famous Black politicians, including Barack Obama, have lived there. It is considered somewhat of a Black cultural hub within Chicago.

Meanwhile, a majority White crowd attended a special city meeting to protest a proposed migrant shelter in Greektown. This is a small community with a White majority. The city wants to re-open a hostel as a migrant shelter. The launch of this migrant shelter has now been delayed due to public outrage.

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