Innocent little babies? Seven murders with 13 year old suspects from just the past four months

The left claims that 13-year-olds can not be dangerous

Adam Toledo, AKA “Baby Diablo”

The far-left is claiming that Adam Toledo was “a baby,” “a child,” etc. and that there can supposedly never be a justification for a police shooting of an armed 13-year-old. Many are even saying it was the officer’s duty to allow himself to be murdered by Toldeo rather than act in self-defense.

Toledo was allegedly shooting a gun in the middle of the night and ran from the police. He was shot and killed by a Chicago police officer during a confrontation. Friends have posted pictures of Toledo doing gang signs. They are calling him “Baby Diablo.” He is seen wearing high-dollar clothes in the photographs, including a Louis Vuitton belt ($700-$800 assuming it is real). He lived with his single mother in a nearby Section 8 housing project.

His mother took several days to file a missing person’s report and says he had gone missing in the past but always came back eventually.

This website has been tracking murders by very young suspects. Here are seven thirteen-year-old murder suspects from December 2020 to March 2021. If you know of any others, send us a message.

Jackson, MS

Dennis Williams

On March 25th, 2020, police arrested Dennis Williams, a 13-year-old Black male. He shot and killed his father on March 10th, which the police treated as a justifiable homicide. Then on March 17th, Williams and his accomplice Jacob Terrel, a 15-year-old Black male, kidnapped, raped, and murdered Teshundra Fortune, a 33-year-old Black female. Police say Terrel has already confessed. It is unclear if the authorities have changed their mind about the killing of his father. Local media has barely reported anything about the case.

Washington DC

The suspects

On March 24th, 2020, two Black females aged 13 and 15 killed Mohammad Anwar, a 66-year-old Pakistani Uber East driver. They have both been charged with felony murder and armed carjacking. One of the girls was trying to push Anwar out of the car, while the other was driving it. They wrecked the car while Anwar was hanging out of it. He was crushed to death. The names of the perps are classified due to their age. A plea deal is in the works to protect both perps from being prosecuted as adults, which will probably result in very little consequences for their actions.

Collegeville, PA

On March 19th, Jah’sir Vasquez, a 13-year-old Black male, shot and killed his 12-year-old sister Jasiyah Vasquez. Currently, he is being prosecuted as an adult. The mother of the siblings, Daisy Vasquez, is being charged with child endangerment and obstructing the police investigation.

Modesto, CA

On February 16th, Rafael Avila-Rodriguez, a 67-year-old Latino male, was shot and killed in Modesto, CA. He was operating a food truck at the time. Police have charged a thirteen-year-old suspect with murder. All information on the suspect has been classified due to his age.

Lake Charles, LA

The suspect.

On January 23th, a group of Black females aged 12-14 attacked Melanie Lyons, a 15-year-old Black female, inside a Lake Charles Walmart.  A 13-year-old perp is accused of stealing a knife inside the store and stabbing the victim to death. She has been charged with second-degree murder. Three other girls ages 12, 13, and 14 have been charged with accessory to second-degree murder.

Apparently, the suspects began harassing the victim at a movie theater and followed her into the Walmart. Video of the murder was live-streamed on Facebook. The perps name has been classified due to her age.

Baltimore, MD

On December 11th, Chad Michael, a forty-year-old White male from Pennsylvania, was shot and killed in Baltimore. A second male victim was shot and wounded. Police say the suspect is a 13-year-old Black male who wanted to take their money. His name is classified due to his age. Police say the victim traveled to Baltimore to buy drugs.

Jersey City, NJ

On December 10th, a 13-year-old Black female opened fire on a crowd of people. Niles Holmes, a 35-year-old Black male, was killed. A second adult male was wounded by gunfire. The name of the perp is classified due to her age. She was charged with murder as a juvenile, which means very little will happen to her.

Coming Soon: 14-year-old murder suspects


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