Department says the killing of Arvada, CO officer and “Good Samaritan” was an anti-police hate crime

Gunman allegedly wanted to murder cops

On June 21st, Arvada Colorado police officer Gordon Beesley and local resident John Hurley, 40, were shot and killed in the Denver suburb.

The Arvada police department says Beesley was targeted because he was wearing a uniform. They are calling Hurley a “Good Samaritan” who prevented more officers from being shot. Police have not released any further details. However, a witness says Hurley neutralized the shooter with his concealed handgun, but not before being fatally shot himself.

The perpetrator also died. He has been identified as 59-year-old Ronald Troyke. No personal information or pictures of the suspect have been released. Police say it was a deliberate ambush, and that Troyke was motivated by a hatred of police.

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