Video of Antifa infighting in Portland resembles a SNL comedy skit

Antifa is becoming a danger to other left-wing activists

In-righting in the far-left is common, especially among the ones who openly call themselves “Antifa.” These groups usually try very hard to keep in fighting off of social media. They will even use intimidation to get people to delete videos that show infighting. However, we are starting to see a lot of infighting from Portland make its way to the internet.

During yesterday’s Antifa “May Day” riot, a high-profile left-wing militant known as “John the Lefty” was surrounded by members of a rival faction. They allegedly tried to rob him of his camera. One of the things that these militant groups often fight about is how much or how little should be photographed or videotaped.

Portland Antifa is becoming a menace, even for other left-wing activists. Recently a high-profile Portland Antifa admitted that Antifa smashed the windows of a left-wing church that allows “pro-queer and anti-racism” groups to use their facilities. He even said that he personally had attended meetings inside the church and received free food from the church. Yet he defending smashing the church’s windows anyway,

Last February, Antifa violently attacked police and reporters. When other left-wing activists objected to the level of violence being used, Antifa turned on them. One Antifa on a bicycle was videotaped stalking a group of left-wing protesters and then unloading a can of chemical spray on them.

Portland has gotten to the point that the police just watch Antifa violence from a distance, or in some cases refuse to respond altogether.

During yesterday’s May Day riot, the Portland police did nothing while Antifa was blocking traffic and smashing people’s windows. It took a violent unprovoked attack on an officer just to produce a response.

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