Asian man fatally stabbed in Seattle suburb for not wearing a mask outside

Will this be classified as a hate crime?

Ian Patrick Williams is a 26-year-old living with his mom in the Seattle suburb of Bothell. He fatally stabbed 29-year-old John Huynh in the heart on April 25th. The murder occurred near the entryway of an apartment complex where they both live. At least ten people witnessed the act, some of whom were dining on patios across the street.

Williams saw Huynh leave an apartment with no mask on and became enraged. He gave Huynh the middle finger. Huynh asked what the middle finger was for, and Williams stabbed him in the heart. He died at the scene.

Williams then ran to his mother with bloody hands and told her that he was attacked by “an anti-masker.”

Police arrested Williams and charged him with 2nd-degree murder and held him on a $2 million bail. Police say the investigation is ongoing, but believe Huynh was killed for not wearing a mask.