Former Buzzfeed writer Baked Alaska says feds are trying to blackmail him into becoming an informant

Why was Gionet charges, but not photojournalist Jade Saker?

The Department of Justice now openly admits to having at least twenty assets involved in the January 6th Capitol riot, including people directly connected to alleged “ringleaders.” It has also been revealed that the leader of the Proud Boys is a federal informant.

Baked Alaska, real name Tim Gionet, is someone who entered the Capitol building while live streaming on the internet. While so-called “mainstream” media personnel entered the capitol building and have never been charged, such as NBC/PBS photojournalist Jade Saker, Gionet has been charged with trespassing and violent entry/disorderly conduct. The main thing the DOJ accuses him of in their Statement of Facts is berating a police officer with profanity. The DOJ claims Gionet falsely accused a police officer of shoving him and then berated the officer.

Gionet maintains that he walked through an open front door and then left the building when police told him to leave. He says the charges are baseless.

The DOJ also tried to ban Gionett from broadcasting over the internet. However, a federal judge struck this down in early June.

Gionet previously wrote for Buzzfeed and made Youtuber videos. He left Buzzfeed in 2016 and was banned from Youtube in 2020.

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