Militant BLM leader in critical condition after being shot in the head in London

Who shot Sasha Johnson?

Sasha Johnson, 27, is a high-profile leader of Black Lives Matter in London. She is a notorious figure who has promoted violence and rioting. She is a leader of the Oxford-based Black Lives Matter. One of at least two major factions of the group in England. She is also a leader of Taking the Initiative Party and the UK branch of the New Black Panther Party. She has three small children which she has used as props in social media videos.

She was shot in the head Sunday morning at 3:00 AM. Currently, she is listed in critical condition.

The shooting took place in Southwark Borough, which is nearly 50% non-White. The London police say they do not believe Johnson was an intended target of the shooting. Police are now pleading for witnesses to come forward.

Black Lives Matter activist Imarn Ayton, who is friends with Johnson, told the BBC that Johnson was at a house party when gang members opened fire.

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3 years ago

I know it’s easy to hate blax for this, but remember who the true enemy (((is))).