Congressman Paul Gosar publicly denounces the harassment of White students by BLM on ASU campus

BLM activists videotaped themselves racially harassing White students on the Arizona State University campus

Two White males were minding their own business and doing homework inside a student center at the Arizona State University [ASU]. The building is called the Multi-cultural building.

A group of females, who identify themselves as BLM activists, begin racially harassing the two victims. The female perps scream insults at the pair for being White, male, and “cis” gendered. They also scream about a pro-police sticker on one of the victim’s laptops.

The perpetrators videotaped their racial harassment campaign and posted it online to brag. The lead perpetrator then boasts to the camera about how they “protected the space” from “White supremacists.” The perps are clearly motivated by racial animosity towards White people. If the races had been reversed, this would have been a national news story and the perpetrators would have immediately been expelled from campus.

US Congressman Paul Gosar addressed the harassment on social media.

Click here to watch the entire 7:40 minute version of the video.

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