Blacks make up 8% of Cedar Rapids, but commit two thirds of all homicides

One recent victim was the niece of the local NAACP president

Photos of 24 of the victims.
Marisa Doolin was the niece of the Cedar Rapids NAACP president.

Cedar Rapids has been experiencing record homicide rates. Local media says a new record was set in 2020, and 2022 is on track to beat that.

The city has about 148k residents, with Whites making up 80% and Blacks 8%.

We have looked at all the homicide victims from 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. There are twenty-one victims with a known suspect. In 66.6% of cases, that suspect is Black. Since some were multiple murders, there are 17 suspects, of which 70.5% are Black. One White suspect was charged with a triple murder, and two Black suspects were charged with double murders.

There are another twelve victims where the suspect’s race is unknown, and 75% of these victims are Black. Statistically, murders committed by Black perpetrators are less likely to be solved because they tend to be more random. Non-Black murderers, on average, have deeper connections to their victims. It is well established that a very high percentage, somewhere over 90%, of all Black homicide victims are killed by a Black perpetrator.

Therefore, if all the remaining homicides were solved, it is likely that an even higher percentage would have a Black suspect.

Homicides in Cedar Rapids:

2018: 3 (six year low)
2019: 7
2020: 12 (all time high)
2021: 8
2022: At least six so far!

Most recent victims:

Micheal Valentine, 25, Black male. (Suspect is Timothy Rush, 32, Black male), April 10th

Nicole Owens, 35, Black female. (Suspect is Timothy Rush, 32, Black male), April 10th

Emily Elizabeth Leonard, 22, White female. (Suspect is Arthur Flowers, 62, Black male), April 2nd

Lawrence Whittle, 74, White male. (Suspect is Aaron Whittle, 43, White male), March 17th

Kavon Iberheem Johnson, 22, Black male. (No suspect), January 28th

Cordal Lewis, 19, Black male. (No suspect), January 27th. Victim was actively involved in crime.


Jose Florentino Ramirez Landin, 40, Latino male. (Suspect is Nestor Lagunes Dominguez, 44, Latino male), August 27th

Tyliyah Whitis, 15, Black female. (Suspect is Marshawn Rome Jackson, 19, Black male), July 20th

Jan Perry Jackson, 61, White male. (Suspect is Alexander Jackson, 20, White male), June 15th

Melissa Ferne Jackson, 68, White female. (Suspect is Alexander Jackson, 20, White male), June 15th

Sabrina Hana Jackson, 19, White female. (Suspect is Alexander Jackson, 20, White male), June 15th

Davvion Izael Flemings, 26, Black male. (No Suspect), April 15th. Victim was actively involved in crime.

Unidentified woman, unknown age and race. (Suspect is Arnell States, 39, Black male), February 20th

Jayson Lee Jones, 21, Black male. (No suspect), January 3rd


Marisa Doolin, 18, Black female. (Suspect is Lorenzo Burnett, 20, Black male), December 22nd. Victim is the niece of the Cedar Rapids NAACP president.

Charles Griffin, 24, Black male. (No Suspect), November 30th. Suspect was already facing multiple attempted murder charges.

Elsie Deason, 71, White female. (Suspect is George Deason, 49, White male). August 13th

Keyshawn Vondale Allers, 19, Black male. (No suspect), July 12th

Malik James Sheets, 20, Black male. (Suspect is Marshawn Ladarius Jeffries, 16, Black male), June 18th

Daniel James Spangler, 69, White male. (No Suspect), May 22nd

Asia Taqara Grice, 25, Black male. (Suspect is Johnnie Osborne IV, 26, Black male), May 1st

Jordan Haynes, 27, Black male. (No Suspect), March 12th. NTY falsely listed him as a victim of Covid-19 sparking outrage.

Tremaine V. Williams, 35, Black male. (Suspect is  Jacqueline Holmes, 26, Black female), March 4th

Judeah Dawson, 16, Black male. (No Suspect), April 22nd

Jose Eduardo Millan-Ramirez, 22, Latino male. (No Suspect), January 28th

Andrew Dontae Gaston, 18, Black male. (Suspect is Tyrell Gaston, 16, Black male), January 24th. Tyrell charged with getting his brother killed when they attempted an armed robbery.


Levi Hunter Allen Holten, 20, White male. (No suspect). November 25th

Wayne Trabrai Jones, 31, Black male. (Suspect is Jermaine Walker, 36, Black male), November 2nd

Reginald L. Ward Jr, 27, Black male. (Suspect is Todd Ricky Jenkins, 24, Black male), October 30th

Randal Joseph Campbell, 44, White male, (Suspect is Joshua Kennieth Conklin, 28, White male), June 21st

Matrell Eu’gene Johnson, 18, Black male, (Suspect is Andre Defaunte Richardson, 26, Black male), May 18th

Royal Ceiz Abram, 18, Black male, (Suspect is Andre Defaunte Richardson, 26, Black male), May 18th

Tenacious Harris, 20, Black male, (No Suspect), February 19th

Known suspect: 21

Black on Black: 12
Black on White: 1
Black on unidentified: 1
White on White: 6
Latino on Latino: 1

Unknown suspect: 12

Black victim: 9
White victim: 2
Latino victim: 1

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