Boston Police: “a specific group of violent juveniles are terrorizing the downtown crossing area”

Who is this specific group?

Monday night, a group of ten to fifteen Black juveniles launched an unprovoked racially motived attack on a twenty year old female pedestrian. The predatory thugs objected to the fact that she had braided hair. Many Black militants claim hair braids should be an exclusively Black hair style and off limits to other races.

In order to try to figure out what “specific group” that police are talking about, let’s look at federal data from the Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Between 1985 and 2020, 70.9% of known homicide offenders in Boston have been Black.

Black percentage of known homicide offenders in Boston:

1985 to 1995: 71.9%
1996 to 2005: 67.9%
2006 to 2015: 67.1%
2016 to 2020: 79.0%

The Census Bureau estimates that Blacks make up 24% of the population of Boston. So Blacks commit homicide in wild disproportion to other races living in the city. They do this year after, decade after decade with complete consistency.

Boston arrests from 2011 to 2020:

Vandalism: 51.5% Black
Manslaughter by negligence: 52.4% Black
Arson: 55.6% Black
Simple Assault: 58.2% Black
Aggravated Assault: 60.3% Black
Rape: 60.9% Black
Robbery: 67.7% Black
Auto Theft: 70.6% Black
Murder & Non-negligent Manslaughter: 79.8% Black

Last November, around two dozen Black males on dirt bikes and ATVs brutally attacked a White male pedestrian in Boston.

Video clip about Boston’s Black Lives Matter rioting in 2020:

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