16 year old charged with randomly killing woman while she read to her baby

The end result of coddling criminals

Police in Zion, IL, have charged Zechariah C. Myles, 16, with first-degree murder for killing Melanie Yates, 23.

Yates was sitting inside her house reading the Bible to her infant son at the time. Police say Myles opened fire with a rifle and sent bullets ripping through her house. Myles was allegedly trying to murder a different person, and Yates was not the intended target.

The actual murder took place on October 17th. Law enforcement announced the identity of Myles on November 10th. Police say that the suspect is on the run and actively avoiding being captured. The Lake County, IL Sheriff’s department says he is being charged as an adult, and his bail is already set at three million.

Zion is located near the border of Wisconsin on the northern edge of the Chicago metro area.

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