30 states where legislators make less than the NY legislator pay raise

Most state legislators get a small part-time salary

Democrats ordered an unscheduled one-day special session of the state legislature to vote themselves a monster raise.

If the governor signs, their annual salaries will increase by 29%, from $110k to $142k per year. They previously voted to raise their pay by 38.4% in 2019. From $79.5k to $110k. New York legislators also receive lavish daily travel and hotel expenses when the legislature is in session.

Governor Kathy Hochul already endorsed the pay raise earlier this month and is expected to sign the bill.

The bill will also place a cap on outside income. Legislators will only be able to claim up to $35k in outside income, not counting investments and rental properties, starting in 2025. The cap is billed as preventing lawyers from being retained by prominent law firms while they are legislators. However, it also targets people with small businesses. It will discourage people with thriving small businesses from running for the legislature.

For much of the country, being a state legislator is considered a part-time job that pays little.

The following states pay their legislators less than the massive raise just received by New York legislators:

Arizona $24k

Connecticut $28k

Florida $29.7k

Georgia $17.4k

Idaho $18.9k

Indiana $28.8k

Iowa $25k

Kansas $21.9K

Kentucky $20.7k

Louisiana $16.8k

Maine $26.4k

Mississippi $23.5k

Missouri $36.8k

Montana $9k

Nebraska $12k

Nevada $9.9k

New Hampshire $0k

New Mexico $0k

North Carolina $13.9k

North Dakota $6.3k

Rhode Island $16.9k

South Carolina $10.4k

South Dakota $13.9k

Tennessee $24.3k

Texas $7.2k

Utah $12.8k

Vermont $12.7k

Virginia $18k

West Virginia $20k

Wyoming $20.7k

Highest paid legislators, besides New York:

California $119.7k

Pennsylvania $95.4k

Michigan $71.7k

Illinois $70.7k

Massachusetts $70.5k

Ohio $68.7k

Hawaii $62.6k

Washington $57.9k

Wisconsin $55.1k

Alaska $50.4k

Maryland $50.3k

New Jersey $49k

Delaware $48.2k

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