Less than a third of felony charges in the Bronx and Brooklyn resulted in a conviction last year

Violent crime in New York City is surging right now. There are several very obvious reasons why.

  1. New York City made cash bail illegal for most charges. Because of this, the exact same people often commit new crimes within weeks or even days of being arrested.
  2. All five borough district attorneys are dropping large percentages of all criminal charges, including felonies.
  3. NYC Judges, many of whom are left-wing activists, are dismissing very large percentages of felonies.
  4. Even if you are convicted of a felony in NYC, you are unlikely to get actual prison time.

In 2020, NYC prosecutors closed 38,635 felonies. Of those, District Attorneys dropped 16.9%.

The office of Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark led the pack by dropping 2,408 felony charges in 2020, Another 2,365 were dismissed by judges.

Felony charges cleared in the Bronx in 2020

28.5% of all felony charges dropped
28.0% dismissed by judges
27.4% conviction rate

Yet things are even worse in Brooklyn. The office of Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez dropped 2,206 felony charges, and judges dismissed an unbelievable 5,335.

Felony charges cleared in the Brooklyn in 2020

17.8% of felony charges dropped
42.9% dismissed by judges
21.1% conviction rate

Eric Gonzalez

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