Antifa injure five Minneapolis police officers at homeless encampment

Minneapolis is powerless to enforce the law

Minneapolis law enforcement attempted to clear out an illegal homeless encampment yesterday. They were met by violent Antifa, who assaulted multiple police officers. Five people were arrested, and five police officers received injuries.

The Minneapolis Department of Community Planning and Economic Development [CPED] announced in advance that the illegal encampment would be dismantled. Those living in the encampment would be transported to homeless shelters. CPED cited “site contamination, fire hazards, and other health and safety risks.” The city secured more than enough spots are local homeless shelters and social workers mobilized to provide services.

However, far-left social media accounts had been recruiting people to show up and confront the police.

Police arrived at 7:00 am to clear out the encampment and were met by approximately one hundred far-left militants. Many violently assaulted police with clubs and projectiles.

Police abandoned the operation after about twenty minutes. At 10:00 am,

Chief Medaria Arradondo said he wouldn’t tolerate people assaulting police officers. Chief Medaria Arradondo held a press conference saying, “from the limited video that I have seen, I was appalled by the actions of those community members that attacked my officers. I am thankful that they were not seriously injured.”

Far-left militants have staged several violent riots in the Pacific Northwest to demand that cities pay for homeless people to live in hotel rooms at taxpayer expense.

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