Portland Antifa vows to crash Portland’s Gay Pride Festival this weekend

No cops, no capitalists

Antifa continues to advertise riots in advance on Twitter. The social media “platform,” which bans conservatives for far less, still allows Antifa to promote violence on the site openly.

Portland is home to what organizers call the largest Pride parade on the West Coast. However, because of Covid-19, the actual parade will be a “virtual parade.” Even though Covid-19 supposedly makes it too dangerous to hold a parade, they will be holding a two-day festival, on June 12th and 13th, at the Portland Waterfront. It will feature drag queen shows and musical acts.

Antifa is vowing a “counter-revolution” against the “pop left” and the “co-opting of queer liberation by capitalists.” Essentially, they plan to turn the festival into an open-air Antifa market and then launch another violent riot Saturday evening.

In 2019, Antifa publicly vowed to crash the annual parade. This was advertised on the Antifa information clearinghouse website called It’s Going Down. The website wrote, “Portland PRIDE is full of cops, banks, and corporations. We have said, again and again, “No cops at pride!,” but the parade has always been too beholden to the State and its corporate sponsors to listen.” Democratic Socialists of America [DSA] supported efforts by Antifa that year.

In 2020, organizers canceled all in-person events because of Covid-19.

These are digital Antifa flyers being spread around on Twitter and other social media:

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