Tampa Bay Buccaneers social “justice board member” tweets anti-Asian racial slur

Says he didn't know it was a racial slur

Carlton Davis is a Cornerback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, part of the National Football League [NFL]. Sunday, he posted “Gotta stop letting gooks in Miami” on Twitter.

Davis quickly deleted the tweet after some local reporters drew attention to it. He alleged that he didn’t know that the word “gook” is a racial slur. Davis claims he thought the word gook meant someone who was”lame” or uncool. Davis went on to attack the local media for “blowing up” a non-story. He said he would “retire the word” from his vocabulary.

The word has been used as an anti-Asian slur in the US since the 1920s. No one seems to believe his explanation.

Davis is a self-proclaimed social justice activist and a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Social Justice Board. He also calls himself “C-Murda” on Twitter, which sounds like a violent gangster rapper’s stage name.
Twitter has taken no action against his account.

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