Teenagers caught on video beating South Beach man in hate crime mob attack

Perps may have committed similar assaults in the past

Last Tuesday, ten Black teenagers on bicycles chased an adult White male victim through Miami’s South Beach area. They knocked him down and savagely pummeled him while he was on the ground. The mob assault was captured on surveillance videos.

The victim is Daniel Cioforelli, a 34-year-old White male who lives in the area, who suffered cuts and bruises. Cioforelli says the pack originally swarmed around another adult male victim, bumping him and blocking his path. Cioforelli yelled, “get out of here,” and the perps turned on him instead.

Another potential victim has also come forward. Alex Bichel, a 51-year-old White male, says he believes the same perpetrators previously chased him, and he narrowly got away. Bichel says he yelled at the perps to “watch out” after they nearly wrecked their bicycles into members of his family.

After the assault on Ciofrelli, police arrested one 13-year-old Black male who wrecked his bicycle into a man on a scooter. He was charged with misdemeanor battery and released to his mother. Because of his age, little, if anything, will happen to him.

Last September, Miami was the scene of a savage and prolonged hate crime assault occurring on the “Metromover” public train. Andrea Puerta, a 29-year-old White female, was sitting by herself when a large Black male savagely beat her in an unprovoked attack. The perp hit her with his fists and knees over thirty times and slamed her into the walls and a pole. She was hospitalized for days. Joshua James King, 25, was arrested. Police say the attack on Andrea was part of a series of three attacks. King was charged with three counts of aggravated battery for attacking three different people the same day. He was immediately set free on a $1,500 bond.

One month later there was yet another savage hate crime attack occurring on the Metromover. Eduardo Fernandez, a 73-year-old Latino male, was brutally pummelled, suffering broken bones and internal injuries. The perpetrator is a Black male whose age is estimated to be between 45 and 55.

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3 years ago

Remember when the media was calling as these attacks “a game.” Just “Youths playing the knockout game.” Now they simply just don’t report any of it.