Immigrant rappers call for murderous violence against French conservatives

French media likes it

A group of twenty rappers released a song calling for criminal violence against French conservatives, especially women. The song includes well-known rap stars, including Sofiane “Fianso” Zermanim, ISK, Alkpote, qu’Akhenaton, soso Maness, Seth Gueko, Mac Tyer, Zola, Kerchak, Pit Baccardi, Uzi, Ashe 22, RK, Cokein, Nahir, Relo, Decimo, Zed, Costa and Demi Portion. Most of the rappers are either North African or sub-Saharan Africa. Seth Gueko is half Russian and half French.

The song calls for attacks against Marine Le Pen, Marion Maréchal, and the mother of Jordan Bardella. They are refered to as “whores,” and “dogs in heat.” The rappers call for these women to be beaten with canes or sticks.

Other lines calls for using “large calibers” and Kalashnikov rifles against French conservatives. One line says, “Jordan you are dead.”

Keep in mind that the French government routinely persecutes conservative activists for non-violent “hate speech.” Instead, the major French media outlet Le Parisien promotes the song without mentioning any violent lyrics.

The song has been streamed thousands of times on various monetized platforms, and smaller clips have been viewed millions of times on Twitter.

Six of the rappers involved.


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