Racially motivated murder at Texas gas station

Story quarantined and downplayed by media

Police say Jekierin Walker, 20, was panhandling at a Valero gas station in Marion, Texas, on August 21st. At 1:00 PM, he allegedly shot Stefan Volkmann, 41, multiple times after Volkmann refused to give him money. Volkmann died at the hospital shortly after.

The shooting was witnessed by Volkmann’s mother and multiple other people. Police say that Walker immediately claimed responsibility for the killing and justified it on racial grounds. While being booked in court, he even racially taunted the victim’s mother, yelling, “Your son was a racist.” Authorities say Walker has shown no remorse.

Walker claims that the victim called him a racial slur, a common fake story told by Black perpetrators of racial violence. None of the witnesses have corroborated this. Friends and family of the victim say it is a phony tale.

The murder has received only minor local media coverage. Fox 29/NBC 4 aggressively downplayed the killing and hyped the perpetrator’s allegations. They called it a “racial slur confrontation,” even though they have no evidence the perpetrator’s tale is factual. KENS 5 also downplayed the killing, calling it “some kind of argument.”

The innocent victim was a single father who left behind a 16-year-old son. 

Marion is a small town that is 70% White and 20% Black.

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9 months ago

Sounds like the exact opposite of reality. Black panhandlers call White people racial slurs constantly.

9 months ago

Arm yourselves, and be aware of these evil pieces of crap. We are heading into a time where we are going to be experiencing a choice of fighting back or dying off.

Larry Folds
9 months ago

Whites are now the minority in most places. We’ve been the minority in Texas now for a number of years.

Roger V. Tranfaglia
9 months ago
Reply to  Larry Folds

Something like 13% of the worlds population is……………………………………………
Soo…Theres THAT!

9 months ago

Sue the fake news station for calling him a racist if there is no proof of him calling the guy a n!gger!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care if you call me a racist because I hear the same word in every rap song and every video there is more than one on, being called a racist doesn’t mean crap to me anymore. Concealed carry and never turn your back on the feral animals.

9 months ago

Hatred and an evil run deeper than the color of our skin.

Skin color doesn’t make a person want to murder another….it’s the desires of our heart that does.

My brown skin doesn’t make me want to murder….absurd to think skin color does that.

This is why God cares about our hearts….out of it spills our desires and actions.

9 months ago

They are dragging the victim and their family’s name through the dirt. This murderer was also reported to have held and robbed people at gunpoint before too.

5 months ago

I miss you baby. I love you so much

5 months ago

He was not racist. I hope that loser rotts in prison. You took a life of amazing man and took him away from his kid. You low life