Montgomery’s Black on Latino crime wave culminates in triple murder

Montgomery horror show

On the evening of June 4th, three people were murdered in a Latino grocery store. The victims include one White male and two Latino relatives of the owner. All local media is censoring the race of the at-large perps. However, the Mayor of Montgomery said it was an attack on the Latino community and part of an ongoing trend. He said the perps view Latino-owned businesses as “easy prey.”

Montgomery has been experiencing a rash of armed robberies of Latino-owned businesses. While local media censors the race of the perps, every security camera video shows Black attackers.

The city has a huge homicide rate. However, the city police department has not submitted data to the FBI since 2010.

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8 days ago


Linda Baum
7 days ago

My daughter lives only about an hour from Montgomery. She said this Black on Hispanic crime has been going on for a long time but the Black mayor has been ignoring it. He even laid off 200 police officers as soon as he took office. The Governor has now dispatched the Alabama State Patrol to Montgomery to help with crime.