One killed in racially motivated mob attack on French village festival

Will we ever know the whole truth?

The French village of Crépol was holding its “fete de village”, an annual celebration, on Saturday night. Crépol is a small rural village of 542 people in the southeastern department of Drôme.

Around 2:00 am, a group showed up armed with knives. They immediately assaulted people, starting with a security guard who was slashed on his hands. Multiple people suffered severe injuries. Thomas Perotto, 16, was stabbed to death. He was stabbed him in the heart and the throat.

It is unclear how many people were stabbed. Besides Perotto, who was killed, there were two or three other people who had severe stabbing or slashing injuries. As many as 17 people were injured in total.

Laurent de Caigny, the local prosecutor, says the men came to the town looking to commit murder. Witnesses say that the attackers made explicit racial comments. One of the attackers allegedly yelled, “we are here to stab White people.”

Seven suspects were later arrested hundreds of miles away in and around Toulouse in the department of Haute-Garonne. However, the perps alleged are from “a suburb” of Romans-sur-Isère. This city is only a twenty-five minute drive from Crépol.

A twenty-year-old male in custody is said to be the one who fatally stabbed Perotto. The perpetrators are said to have come from “a suburb.” In France, migrant housing projects are built in the suburbs instead of downtown areas. In France, there is a considerable amount of state-mandated censorship concerning crime. So, information about the perpetrators is heavily classified at this point.

Cellphone video of rampage:
Memorial march for Thomas:

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