Memphis sets new homicide rate record with over a month left

How high will it go?

The Memphis police department has made a stunning announcement. As of November 21st, there have been 352 homicides and over 14,000 stolen cars. This means the city has set a new all time homicide rate record with over a month left in the year!

Memphis Homicides (murder/non-negligent manslaughter):

1993: 213 (620k, 34.4 homicide per 100k) former homicide rate record until 2020

2018: 186 (652k, 28.5 per 100k)
2019: 191 (651k, 29.3 per 100k)
2020: 332, (631k, 52.6 per 100k) new record for highest rate
2021: 346 (622k, 55.6 per 100k) new all time record, one of the highest rates in the Western Hemisphere

2022: 352 so far…

Homicides in Memphis exploded alongside the nationwide George Floyd riots. The population of Memphis also began plummeting as well.

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