One hundred French military officers denounce anti-White/anti-French rhetoric, warn of bloody civil/racial conflict

"Anti-Racism" is about hating White people

Over one thousand current and former members of the French military signed an open letter to the French government on April 21st. The effort was led by General Christian Piquemal, the former Chief of the French Foreign Legion. It also includes over one hundred other officers, of whom nineteen are generals. Over a thousand enlisted men have also signed. The letter’s title loosely translates to “For a return of the honor of our rulers.”

The letter starts by saying that France is in a state of disintegration. They accuse “anti-racism” activists of creating a malaise and fueling hatred between different communities inside France.

“It is a racial war that these hateful and fanatic supporters want. They despise our country, traditions, culture and want to see it dissolve by taking away its past and history. Thus they attack our statues and our ancient military and civilian glories by analyzing words that are centuries old.”

They mention how France’s suburban immigrant ghettos have become enclaves for radical Islam. These areas are becoming religious city-states outside of the control of the French government.

They say that as military officers, they can not just passively watch the destruction of their homeland. The signatories say they are standing by, ready to provide support for sound government policies. They will also provide for the protection of the French people against domestic civil/racial conflict. They warn the government to act quickly before thousands of people die in an open conflict.

The following French generals are all signatories:

General de Corps d’Armée (ER) Christian PIQUEMAL (Foreign Legion), General de Corps d’Armée (2S) Gilles BARRIE (Infantry), General of Division (2S) François GAUBERT former Military Governor of Lille, General of Division ( 2S) Emmanuel de RICHOUFFTZ (Infantry), General of Division (2S) Michel JOSLIN DE NORAY (Marine Troops), General of Brigade (2S) André COUSTOU (Infantry), General of Brigade (2S) Philippe DESROUSSEAUX of MEDRANO ( Train), Air Brigade General (2S) Antoine MARTINEZ (Air Force), Air Brigade General (2S) Daniel GROSMAIRE (Air Force), Brigade General (2S) Robert JEANNEROD (Cavalry), g eneral Brigade (2S) Pierre Dominique AIGUEPERSE (infantry) g eneral Brigade (2S) Roland DUBOIS (Transmissions), gBrigadier General (2S) Dominique DELAWARDE (Infantry), Brigadier General (2S) Jean Claude GROLIER (Artillery), Brigadier General (2S) Norbert de CACQUERAY (Directorate General of Armament), Brigadier General (2S) Roger PRIGENT (ALAT), Brigadier General (2S) Alfred LEBRETON (CAT), General Doctor (2S) Guy DURAND (Army Health Service), Rear Admiral (2S) Gérard BALASTRE (Navy).

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3 years ago

This is a positive sign