All Senate Democrats vote to allow institutional discrimination against Asians in college admissions

It is legal for colleges to openly discriminate against Asians (and Whites) in most states

Senate Democrats are trying to pass a bill called the “COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act.” Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii proposed it. The bill’s purpose is to require the DOJ to devote resources to hunt for more hate crimes against Asians that might have occurred since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

Hirono is still pursuing a conspiracy theory that Donald Trump caused “White Nationalists” to go out and victimize Asians because he referred to Sars2/Covid-19 as the “China Virus.” So far, the increased pressure on law enforcement to identify anti-Asian hate crimes has resulted in many suspects being charged with hate crimes, but a large majority of the suspects are Black.

New York City is a perfect example of this.

New York City is roughly 25% Black, yet 75% of the people being charged with anti-Asian hate crimes are Black.

Nevertheless, Hirono desperately continuous her quest to find mythical anti-Asian hate crimes committed by White people. This appears to be motivated by racial animosity against Whites as Hirono has a history of engaging in anti-White bigotry.

Ted Cruz introduced an amendment to Hirono’s bill that would block federal funding to colleges and universities that discriminate against Asians in admissions. Many require Asians to have higher test scores than other races to limit the number of Asians they enroll. These same institutions also discriminate against Whites while giving Blacks, and Latinos are enrolled with the lowest scores.

The amendment failed. The vote was 100% partisan, with every single Democrat voted against and every Republican voting in favor.


In 1996 California voters banned this practice in a statewide initiative called Prop 209. Opponents claim Black enrollment declined. This is a false narrative. The percentage of Whites and Black students in California schools was already in a fast decline before 1996 due to rapid immigration into California from foreign nations. The percentage of California college students who were Latino soared as the Latino population of the state soared. The percentage of California college students who are Latino is still increasing now because their share of the total population of the state is still increasing.

However, Black graduation rates greatly improved. This is because Blacks students were not being lured into schools and programs that they could not handle. Unsatisfied with this, activists have worked tirelessly to undermine Prop 209 ever since. Some California schools are accused of using creative means to circumvent it.

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