Hundreds march in NYC to blame “White Nationalism” for black on Asian violence in the Bay Area

Next level clown world

Recently MSNBC and NBC National News have aggressively promoted an alternate reality where Donald Trump and “White Nationalism” are to blame for a series of black-on-Asian hate crimes in the San Francisco Bay area. Last Monday, US Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Torrance, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, blamed “White Supremacy” for an increase in interracial violence against Asians. Lieu, the head of the Congressional Black Caucus, said Donald Trump was responsible because he once used the term “kung flu” during a rally.

To promote this wildly false narrative, hundreds of people just held a march on the opposite side of the United States to blame “White Nationalism” for the murder of Vicha Ratanapakdee, an 84-year-old Asian man in San Francisco. A 19-year-old black male suspect is facing murder charges for this crime.

There have been several random hate crime-style attacks in the Bay Area. In each case, the suspect or suspects are black. There have also been random black-on-white attacks in the Bay Area that the media has ignored. On February 1st, Jack Palladino, 76, was drug to death from a car. Two black males allegedly grabbed his camera while the strap was wrapped around him and then dragging him forty feet. Palladino is a famous private detective and lawyer who has represented Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein.

Possibly the worst hate crime to occur in the past six months is the gruesome rape and torture-murder of Es Lee in a Milwaukee, WI park. The victim is an Asian woman and the perpetrators are black male teenagers. The media is not even talking about this gruesome murder, it has been quarantined to local coverage only.

A few recent attacks on Asians have been large news stories in California, but the suspects are black in each case.

Recently, a serial attacker was targeting elderly Asians in the Bay Area. A black male was arrested.

In another recent incident, an Asian woman was attacked by a mob and pistol-whipped in broad daylight in the Bay Area. All of the suspects are black.

Last October, a black male was arrested for a very severe attack on an elderly Asian woman in the Bay Area.

A black male was arrested in February of 2020 for a violent attack on an elderly Asian man who was collecting aluminum cans in the Bay Area. Cellphone video shows other black males and females yelling abuse and egging on the attack.

The anti-Asian attack in the Bay Area from February of 2020. We are supposed to believe that Donald Trump and white people are to blame.

Hundreds of protesters in NYC attempt to re-enforce an alternate reality, in which Trump and white people are to blame for black on Asian hate crimes.

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