Brooklyn “teen” charged with hate crimes for attacks on three Indian men

Media thinks you shouldn't know the race of the perp, even though he has been charged with hate crimes

Vernon Douglas is a 19-year-old Black male. However, most media outlets are calling him “Brooklyn teen,” “Brownsville teen,” or just “teen.” They are censoring his pictures and description. Douglas has been charged with hate crimes. Shouldn’t race be particularly relevant to the story?

Douglas is accused of targeting three different Indian Sikhs. He has been charged with robbery in the first and second degree as a hate crime, several counts of assault as a hate crime, and assault on an elderly person. The three victims are 45, 58, and 70.

During one of the attacks, Douglas had an accomplice. Hezekiah Coleman, a 20-year-old Black male, has also been arrested for the attack on the 58-year-old victim.

The attacks occurred on April 3rd and April 12th.

Watch as CBS New York goes on and on about how it was a hate crime while completely censoring the race of the perps.

Vernon Douglas AKA “teen”


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