Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler begs the public to help him fight Antifa

Portland Mayor asks the public to call the police when they see Antifa

After years of protecting Antifa, Ted Wheeler shocked everyone by publicly denouncing Antifa.

Things have come full circle. In one year, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has gone from defending and protecting Antifa to asking the public for help in suppressing the violent group.

He urged the public to provide police with intelligence on Antifa members and to call the police when they spot black-clad Antifa.

Ted Wheeler and acting Portland Police Chief Chris Davis pledged to arrest and prosecute Antifa. However, this is a hollow threat. Everyone already knows that Multnomah County District Attorney [MCDA] Mike Schmidt, a self-described “progressive,” refuses to prosecute over 90% of cases against people who engage in left-wing violence.

Chief Davis lament that the same people are being arrested over and over for left-wing violence. He knows full well that no matter how many times police charge them with crimes, Mike Schmidt will usually drop the charges or otherwise refuse to prosecute. In fact, Antifa’s accounts on Twitter are openly mocking the statements made by Wheeler and Davis.

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NYC Trumpster
3 years ago

I still remember when Wheeler was ordering the police to stand down and let Antifa attack elderly people in their cars