MI State Rep wrestles with cops after drunken crash

Tells cops he will retaliate against them

Jones represents a gerrymandered Democrat district in the northwestern edge of Detroit.

Michigan State Representative Jewell Jones, a Democrat representing the northwestern Detroit metro area, battled with police officers after allegedly crashing his car while drunk. Jones had a passenger who was injured.

The wreck occurred on April 6th, but the dashcam video was not released to the public until now.

During the melee, he used his status as a State Representative to threaten the officers with retaliation. He even told them that Governor Whitmore would help him retaliate. Police eventually used a taser and pepper spray to subdue him.

He has been charged with a DUI causing an injury, reckless driving, resisting and obstructing a police officer, and possession of a handgun while under the influence of alcohol. He was given a $15k bond under an agreement that he must undergo regular drug and alcohol screening.

Jones was previously charged with driving his car with an open container after being pulled over for speeding in 2018.

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