CO State Rep calls Antifa member, who advocates violence, “a gift”

Stephanie Vigil refuses to back down

Heidi Beedle is a self-described transsexual Antifa member who founded the Twitter account for the Colorado Springs Antifa. Beedle alleges that he turned the account over to friends and no longer directly runs it. The account is now suspended for egregiously promoting violence.

On November 26th, this website documented fourteen Antifa Twitter accounts that had been suspended for promoting violence. Several more have been suspended since.

Heidi Beedle has also promoted criminal violence with her own personal account. Beedle claims to have previously worked as a school teacher. He now describes himself as a writer for a left-wing website. He is also part of the “furry” sub-culture. These people dress up in animal costumes, often for a sexual thrill. There is a very strong overlap between the furry sub-culture and Antifa.

On December 19th, newly elected Colorado State Representative Stephanie Vigil defended Beedle on Twitter. She called him “a gift.” After being shown some of Beedle past violent tweets, Vigil has stood by the tweet and refuses to delete it.

Stephanie Vigil was elected to represent District 16, which is in Colorado Springs. The same city where Beedle lives. The two both mutually follow each other on Twitter.

Dwight Shellman, county support manager for the Colorado State Department’s elections division, also publicly supported Beedle on Twitter. As did Logan Davis, chairman of the “Political Workers Guild [PWG] of Colorado.” The PWG describes itself as a labor union for “legislative aides and political organizers.”

Dwight Shellman and Logan Davis are both followers of Beedle, and he follows them.

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