BLM accuses Columbus PD of “murder” for saving the life of a Black teenage girl

Police officer saved teenage girl from being stabbed in the neck

Makiyah Bryant, a 16-year-old Black female, was shot and killed by police while she was in the process of trying to stab another victim in the upper body/neck area with a large knife.

Police were sent to a residence on the east side of Columbus, Ohio, around 4:30 PM on Tuesday. A female called 911 and stated that a group of girls was fighting in her front yard. When the police arrived, they encountered Bryant armed with a large knife and trying to stab two other females. Police scream for her to stop, but she was unphased.

A police officer fires his gun, killing Bryant at the scene. Video footage clearly shows that a victim was about to suffer lethal injury as the gunshots ring out. Bryant has a much smaller victim pinned against a car while winding up her arm and lining the knife up to the victim’s neck. Another second and the victim would likely have been fatally injured.

BLM activists on Twitter seem to think that it is better for a Black victim to be murdered by a Black perpetrator than a Black perpetrator be murdered by a police officer. Based on BLM’s rhetoric, police should have stood by and watched a girl get stabbed to death. BLM activists are also infantilizing Bryant, calling her “a child,” and “a baby.”

BLM is now holding large protests in Columbus, Ohio, and screaming that “police murdered a Black girl.” The authorities fear that rioting will start. Police say that bodycam video of a police shooting would not be released so soon under normal circumstances. Because of the threat of riots, they made an exception in this case. A spokesman for the police promised that even more bodycam footage would be released on Thursday.

BLM is alleging that Bryant herself called 911, however, this has not been confirmed by the authorities.

Among those fanning the flames of racial hatred is NAACP leader Talbert Swan, who is also a Bishop in the Church of God in Christ. This is a Pentecost network of Black churches that claims millions of members in America, Canada, and beyond. He has 172k followers on Twitter to amplify his incitement.

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