Malibu Marxist: BLM leader Cullors burned through $26k of donation money at a luxury resort in Malibu

BLM leader Patrisse Collurs is living the high life

The leaders of BLM Inc.

Patrisse Cullors is one of the three leaders of Black Lives Matter Inc. This is the non-profit that owns the official Black Lives Matter website and raked in $90 million in donations in 2020. A large portion of the money went towards transsexual advocacy.

Cullors herself has recently purchased four different houses, each costing about a million apiece.

Cullors also has her own personal non-profit called Reform LA Jails. Currently, the Reform LA Jails website is a dead website. The old domain name is now redirecting to a new site called “Yes on R,” which is a new “project by Patrisse Cullors.” Alexa and Similarweb report that both domain names are receiving virtually no traffic at all. The group is being operated as a project of a 501(c)(4) in San Fransisco called Tides Advocacy.

Public records show that she used the non-profit to pay herself a staggering $20k per month. She also spent $26k from the non-profit at the luxurious Calamigos Guest Ranch and Beach Club in Malibu, California. She lists the $26k as expenses for “meetings.” Rooms start at $600 per night and guest has exclusive access to a private strip of the Malibu beach.

In 2019, Reform LA Jails took in $1,398k and spent $792k. A lot of money went to so-called “consultants,” who are probably close friends of Cullors. The group also held a private party at the home of Jane Fonda.

Cullors is famous for her endorsements of Marxism. As recently as December 14th, 2020 Patrisse Cullors proudly re-affirmed that she is a Marxist, telling her followers “I do believe in Marxism and its philosophy.”



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