Bankman-Fried still listed as speaking with Zelensky, Yellen, Pence, Zuckerberg in NYC on Nov 30th

This is a NYT annual event attended by global elites

The New York Times is holding their annual DealBook Summit on November 30th at the Appel Room of the Lincoln Center in New York City.

The event speakers global elites from the political and corporate world. Sam Bankman-Fired, CEO of FTX, has second billing on speaker lists on the NYT website.

“This fall, Andrew Ross Sorkin brings together today’s most vital minds on a single stage, live in the heart of New York City. Be there as the conversation unfolds, revealing hidden complexities, unexpected relationships and the wide-ranging ripple effects of change.” – New York Times

The event is sponsored by Accenture, U.S. Bank, T. Rowe Price, Brex and Walmart. Tickets start at $2,499 and you must pass an application process to attend. The Lincoln Center is a 16.3-acre complex in Manhattan with multiple venues. The Appel Room is a luxurious theater seating 483 people. Behind the stage is a giant glass wall overlooking Manhattan.

As of right now, Bankman-Freid is still listed as a speaker on the New York Times website. They have not removed him.

Current live website.

Archived image of website in case they change it.

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