FBI: 60.4% of known homicide offenders in 2021 were Black

Black share of homicide offenders surged in 2021

The FBI finally published crime data for 2021. It is not as complete as the data they used to publish pre-2020. They also waited an extra long time to release their annual update. Last year, the 2020 data came out in April. This year, it took an additional six months to be released. The FBI is still not showing data by individual police department.

For the departments that submitted data, the percentage of known homicide offenders, who are Black, surged. It has been steadily rising since at least 2014. However, there was nearly a four-point jump in 2021.

For 2021, 59.4% of homicide victims were Black. Homicide offenders, whose race is known, were 60.4% Black. Keep in mind that majority Black cities also tend to have extremely low clearance rates for homicide.

In homicides where the circumstances are known, the FBI says 50.9% stemmed from “arguments.”

The FBI has five racial categories. The category “White” is, by far, the most broad. The categories are as follows:

White: Includes White Europeans, Latinos, North Africans, Middles Easterners, Central Asians, Gypsies, Turks, ect.
Asian: East Asians and Pacific Islanders
American Indians and Alaskan Natives
Hawaiian Natives

The percentage of “White” offenders is wildly inflated, and the percentage of Latino offenders is obscured this way. Some departments do have a secondary offender classification of Hispanic or Non-Hispanic. Of the departments who classified offenders as Hispanic or Non-Hispanic, 17.0% of offenders were classified as Hispanic.

For 2021, Black were 60.4%
For 2020, Blacks were 56.6%
For 2019, Blacks were 55.9%
For 2018, Blacks were 54.8%
For 2017, Blacks were 54.2%
For 2016, Blacks were 53.5%
For 2015, Blacks were 53.3%
For 2014, Blacks were 53.0%

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10 months ago

Crime data link is broke.