Almost all police departments in California have stopped providing homicide data to the FBI

FBI provided the least comprehensive look at annual homicides in decades

On the surface, the new FBI crime report for 2021 makes it look like homicides plummeted. In reality, a large number of law enforcement agencies, including the NYPD, just stopped participating.

Normally, only very tiny law enforcement agencies are missing.

In 2020, 82.3% of all law enforcement agencies in the USA were providing data. In 2021, only 62.7% cooperated.

New York has 595 law enforcement agencies. In 2020, 94.6% participated. In 2021, it was only 20.9%.

California has 740 law enforcement agencies. In 2020, 98.9% cooperated. In 2021, it was only 2%.

The FBI instituted a new data collection system. Instead of switching over, many thousands of police departments simply stopped participating. For California, nearly every single law enforcement agency in the state stopped participating.


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