Rasmussen: 61% believe feds likely used provocateurs on Jan 6th

Majority of Democrats at odds with Democrat leaders on key points

This poll was conducted using over 1,000 “likely US voters.”

Question: How likely is it that undercover government agents helped provoke the Capitol riot?

A large majority of all likely voters believe that it is likely the feds used undercover provocateurs. 61% said it was likely, versus 30% who believe it was unlikely.

Very likely: 39%
Likely: 22%
Unsure: 9%
Unlikely: 12%
Not at all: 18%

Republicans said it was likely or very likely at 70%, with Democrats and Independents both at 57%.

Among self-identified conservatives, 57% said it was very likely. This decreases to 26% of liberals, and 18% of moderates.

Question: Tucker Carlson is reportedly planning to broadcast videos of the Capitol riot that were not previously released by the congressional committee. How important is it that the public be able to view all the videos of the Capitol riot?

A huge majority of Americans want all video footage released. This includes Democrats, despite strong opposition from party leaders and pro-Democrat partisan media.

58% of likely voters said it is very important and 22% said somewhat important. Only 17% said it was not important.

86% of Republicans, 75% of Independents, and 78% of Democrats said it was important.

Question: A special congressional committee investigated the January 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol. How would you rate the job done by this committee?

People who strongly support the congressional committee are primarily White liberals.

On 47% said the committee did a good or excellent job, with 38% saying they did poorly. The result, for this question, was divided along partisan lines.

Good or excellent rating: Democrats 66%, Republicans 26%, Independents 47%

Poor rating: Democrats 20%, Republicans 56%, Independents 40%

Excellent rating: Whites 38%, Blacks 11%, Other 22%

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