NYT: Equestrian helmets are racist

Another act of systemic racism uncovered!

“Black girl” who is allegedly the victim of helmet makers

The New York Times published a 1,855-word article attacking the manufacturers of equestrian helmetsIt was not even published in the opinion section. The article is written as if it were serious investigative journalism, complete with victims who were “brought to tears.” It appeared on the front page of the newspaper!

The article profiles Chanel Robbins, a woman with a fair complexion who is described as a “Black girl.” She dreaded her hair to connect with her alleged Jamaican father, who had been absent during her childhood. We are supposed to believe that Robbins is a persecuted victim of the equestrian helmet industry because none of the helmets are designed to accommodate dreadlocks comfortably.

The reality is that equestrian helmets are regulated. To be ASTM/SEI certified, the helmet must be designed to fit tightly against the scalp. The same as a DOT-certified motorcycle helmet. An equestrian helmet, or a motorcycle cycle helmet, that was intentionally designed to fit loose enough to accommodate dreadlocks comfortably would only be a novelty helmet and not approved for sporting events. The author of the article makes wildly false statements about this throughout the article.

The article also openly insults all White people. The word Black is capitalized, but the word White is always lowercase. As if Blacks are an exalted race who must be singled out as deserving of more respect than the lowly White people.


Somehow this was considered front-page news by the New York Times!

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