NYT unironically claims “Russian trolls” derailed the Women’s March Movement


In 2017, there was a mass “Women’s March” in Washington, DC, allegedly drawing over a million people. The media called it an overwhelming success. However, many Americans were turned off by some of the angry, caustic rhetoric of many participants, speakers, and organizers.

Vanessa Wruble was head of national operations for the Women’s March, with Carmen Perez, Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour, and Bob Bland as “co-chairs.” Gloria Steinem, Harry Belafonte, LaDonna Harris, Angela Davis, and Dolores Huerta were “honorary co-chairs.”

Wruble, who is Jewish, had stated that she chose Carmen Perez, Tamika Mallory, and Linda Sarsour because they represented different “women of color.” However, she clashed with them on Jewish issues. Vanessa Wruble resigned in 2018 and accused Mallory and Perez of “antisemitism.”

Since then, numerous new “Women’s March” events have been held, but they continue to get smaller and more caustic each year.

According to the New York Times, the Women’s March Movement declined after the 2017 Women’s March because of “Russian trolls.”

The NYT says “Russian troll factories” working with Russian military intelligence destroyed the movement by exposing Linda Sarsour’s views on Israel.

The NYT says that only after “years of academic research” have they discovered how a group of people in Russia allegedly pulled this off. The newspaper claims 152 Russian-based Twitter accounts posted negative tweets about Sarsour, thus derailing the entire movement.

Then in 2018, Tamika Mallory attended a Nation of Islam event with Louis Farrakhan. This led to more controversy. Wruble resigned and denounced both Perez and Mallory as being anti-Jewish. However, Mallory, Sarsour, Perez, and Bland all came back together to lead the 2019 Women’s March.

Ironically the NYT admits that Sarsour was already controversial in Democrat and left-wing circles for her anti-Israel rhetoric. Their own article seems to contradict their core claim. The leadership of the Women’s March Movement fought over Jewish and Israeli issues. This infighting caused severe harm to the movement. The NYT even admits that Linda Sarsour’s views on Israel were controversial within the left-wing, even before they were allegedly amplified by “Russian trolls.”

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