World famous gay rights pioneer, Fred Sergeant, beaten by mob of “trans” activists at gay pride parade

Yesterday's LGB pioneers are today's LGBTQP+ enemies

This is the official poster for the Burlington, Vermont Pride parade, Taken from their official website.

Fred Sergeant, 74, was a co-organizer of the first-ever New York City gay pride parade in 1970. At the time, he was the manager of “America’s only gay bookstore” and vice president of the Homophile Youth Movement. More recently, in 2014, Sergeant was Grand Marshall of the New York City gay pride parade. He has received awards in both America and Europe.

Sergeant brought a sign to the Burlington, Vermont pride parade that was critical of the transsexual movement. It compared cross-dressing to “blackface.” He was attacked, pummeled, and robbed. Sergeant went to the hospital after the attack for treatment.

The parade took place Sunday, September 18th. Sergeant lives near Burlington himself.

Sergeant is now part of the British-based LGB Alliance. They say the transsexual movement is “transing out the gay” by targeting same-sex attracted youth with puberty blockers and gender reassignment surgery. The group opposes the targeting of children with transsexual propaganda.  

This type of violence has already occurred at gay pride parades in Europe. Last year, Antifa violently attacked members of Lesbian Resistance at the annual Bordeaux, France, gay pride parade.



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