Pedestrian beaten outside Seattle Space Needle in apparent racially motivated attack by Oromo militants

Perps are waving the flag of an armed militant group

A video has surfaced on social media of an apparent racially motivated attack on a young White male by Black male and female perps carrying red/green/red flags. The victim is berated with racial abuse and then beaten by the mob.

The staff of National Conservative has identified the flags in the video and conclusively geo-located the video to Seattle, Washington.

The attack takes place right outside the Seattle Space Needle. The perpetrators are displaying the flag of the Oromo Liberation Front [OLF]. This is an armed militant group primarily based in Ethiopia.

OLF has been involved in conflicts in Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Kenya. It is considered a major terrorist group across the region. Kenya accuses the group of carrying out massacres and abducting young women. The government of Ethiopia accuses it of carrying out massacres between 2018 and 2020. The group was involved in the Tigray War and was involved in the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea from 98-02.

Note that none of the perps use the flag of the Ethiopian state of Oromo. They only use the flag of the armed militant group.

Many Oromo have been resettled in the United States as alleged “refugees” using federal tax dollars. The largest communities appear to be in Seattle and St. Paul.

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