Black LA woman arrested for brutal racially motivated attack on an elderly Mexican woman

Perp called the victim anti-Asian slurs

A seventy-year-old Mexican woman was savagely beaten and hospitalized while riding a public bus in Los Angeles. A twenty-three-year-old Black female was quickly arrested. Police say the attack was racially motivated, and the perpetrator called the victim anti-Asian slurs.

The victim has been identified only as “Becky” and suffered a concussion, a broken nose, swollen eyes, and had her hair pulled out. According to her son Pete, no one on the bus tried to intervene, not even the bus driver.

The authorities have not released a mugshot of the perpetrator because of a new policy in LA that claims mugshots perpetuate racial stereotypes. The police identified the suspect as a Black female, but most media outlets have censored this information. They state, “racially motivated attack on Mexican woman by a female perpetrator.” If the perpetrator had been White, these same media outlets would describe the attack differently. They would say, “racially motivated attack on Mexican woman by a White female perpetrator.”

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