Video: U.S. Rep. Scott Perry accuses Biden of replacing native-born Americans through mass immigration

Administration threatens to transform America through population replacement

“For many Americans, what seems to be happening or what they believe right now is happening is, what appears to them is we’re replacing national-born American — native-born Americans to permanently transform the landscape of this very nation.” U.S. Rep Scott Perry (R-PA)

Scott Perry brought up what many call “The Great Replacement” on the floor of the U.S. Congress. He accused the Biden administration of allowing massive numbers of foreigners to enter the USA, which threatens to “permanently transform the landscape of this very nation.”

The hearing took play on Wednesday morning, April 14th, during a special hearing for the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The hearing was titled “Renewing the U.S. Commitment to Addressing the Root Causes of Migration from Central America.”

National Conservative obtained an entire video clip of Perry’s statements during the hearing.

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