Rep Gary Peters plays very bad audio of Nick Fuentes in Congress while demanding more censorship on social media

Congressman calls for more censorship online

During a Congressional hearing on social media, Representative Gary Peters played an audio clip of Nick Fuentes. It was supposed to demonstrate the danger of social media. However, the audio is so bad that you can’t determine what is being said. 

Peters aggressively called for more online censorship. He also falsely claimed that the so-called “Boogaloo Boys” were a dangerous threat from the right that uses social media to recruit. This is an entirely false narrative. The Boogaloo Boys movement ranges from left-libertarian to left-anarchist. Boogaloo Boys groups often participle directly with Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Associating the Boogaloo Boys with the right is a transparently disingenuous attempt to invent fictional right-wing domestic terrorism that doesn’t exist.

Further, Nick Fuentes has already been banned from all the social media platforms that the Congressional hearing was about. The clip is from a YouTuber who had Nick Fuentes on to debate him and counter his positions. Years ago, Fuentes was banned from having his own YouTube channel to present his views unfiltered.

Gary Peters presented the clip in bad faith. He presents Nick Fuentes as an example of person who needs to be censored by big tech, when he already has been banned from having his own accounts on these platforms.

This is the second time a US Representative has played audio of Nick Fuentes in congress.

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