Mob of “teens” went on a hate crime rampage in Philadelphia sexually attacking a dozen female victims

Perps apparently engage in violence on a regular basis

A large group of Black teenagers on bicycles went on a hate crime rampage in Philadelphia, assaulting over a dozen victims. Their primary target was White female victims. However, they also attacked at least one White male.

One of the victims says she was mugged by Black teenagers, possibly the same ones, a week earlier. She called the police after both attacks, but nothing has been done.

Another victim works at a local restaurant and says the same group engages in criminal violence regularly, and police do nothing. While victims have photographed the perpetrators, the media censors these photos because of “their age.” Protecting the privacy of violent at-large teenage criminals takes precedent over public safety.

Hate crime mob violence against White and Asian victims has frequently occurred in Philadelphia for the past twenty years.

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3 years ago

Does that 15 year old have a full sleeve of tattoos on his right jacked up arm? That’s odd.